Payment Policy & Dental Insurance at your Shaughnessy Square Dentist

Payment Policy at PocoSmiles Dental

Payment is due upon completion of the appointment. In instances where treatment is done over two appointments (crowns, bridges, etc), 50% is payable at the first appointment, with the remainder due at the second appointment.

In the event that the one responsible for payment will not be accompanying the patient to the appointment, payment arrangements must be made in advance.

Dental Insurance at your Shaughnessy Square Dentist

Your dental insurance policy is a contract between you, your employer (where applicable), and the insurance company. Our office is considered a third party by your insurance company. As a result, the information they provide to us can be very limited. Our administrative staff is happy to assist you in understanding your benefits. As well they will submit to your insurance to verify whether your required treatment is a benefit under your particular policy.

It is important to realize that even if a dental plan is 100%, this only applies to the procedures eligible on your specific plan. Common exceptions are composite, or white, fillings on molar teeth, fluoride, and smoothing rough tooth surfaces. Eligible procedures will vary depending on the policy you or your employer has purchased.

For the convenience of our patients who have dental insurance, and where the plan allows, your Shaughnessy Square dentist is happy to bill your benefit plan and accept payment from them directly. The patient is responsible for the co-payment, deductible, and any treatment not paid by their particular policy. Please note: some dental plans are set up to pay you, the patient, only. In these cases, we require full payment from the patient at the end of the appointment. We are happy to submit the claims to the plan to reimburse the patient.

If you have any further questions about our payment policy you can always contact us. Our staff will be happy to help.