Your Port Coquitlam Dentist for Children has a Kids Zone!

At PocoSmiles, kids are some of our most important patients!

Your First Visit At PocoSmiles Dental

We like to see your child by the time they are one year old.  For this check up we do what we call a “knee to knee, smile to smile” exam.  At all times the child is sitting in mom or dad’s lap. It is a great experience for all.  The child’s diet  is reviewed as well as dental habits.  We then place a gentle, pleasant tasting  topical fluoride onto the teeth.  We provide the parents with comprehensive home care information after each visit , including some tips on oral health, brushing and nutrition for healthy smiles.

Prepare your child for their first visit by reading a book about going to the dentist, taking your child along when a sibling or friend has a dental visit and letting your child meet the dentist and staff in advance – call us to set up a visit! Ensure your child has a good night’s sleep the day before their dental appointment.  You may want to book a morning appointment so that your child is refreshed.

Homecare for Children and Infants

For extremely young children, home care is still possible even before the child is old enough to brush. We recommend using a face cloth to rub on the teeth to clean them. The facecloth is wrapped around the finger and the rougher side of it is used to rub the teeth and gums clean.

Infants mouths should be cleaned twice a day to get used to the routine of regular mouth care.

Tooth decay and gum diseases are infections that can be transferred from person to person (e.g. kissing, sharing utensils), therefore it is important for the whole family to keep their mouths clean, and practice great oral health!

Baby Teeth

See the diagram below for information on the typical lifetime of baby teeth, and when they can be expected to emerge and fall out.

chart of baby teeth eruption schedule from your port Coquitlam dentist

Assisting Your Child With Brushing

Children will need help brushing until they can write (not print) their name in longhand.  Flossing should begin when teeth are touching and brushing is well established.

Your Port Coquitlam Dentist for Children can Help with Pediatric Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can begin to occur as early as infancy, when an infant uses a bottle or breast feeds for long periods. Bacteria can start tooth decay during nap times or overnight or when a child sips or snacks frequently or for prolonged periods of time.  Milk, fruit juice or sweetened drinks also have sugars that can cause tooth decay. To avoid pediatric decay, absolutely no juice, milk or sugar water should be given in a bottle for the child to go to bed with.

Pediatric Visit Frequency at your Port Coquitlam Dentist for Children

Children should come to see the dentist every 6 months for a dental examination and cleaning.  At home check your child’s mouth as you help them brush to look for signs of tooth decay. The first signs are usually whitish lines on the teeth along the gumline, or brown spots or discoloration. Any presence of pain or sensitivity should be followed up immediately with a dental appointment.